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Garden Pest Control

General Pest Control

We provide a superb control and elimination of common pests such as but not limited to mice, rats, mosquitos, cockroaches, moths, bed bugs, wasps, ants, spiders and flies. Fogging is a highly effective treatment for flies, fleas and other insects. As the name suggests, fogging machines are used to create a fog which is perfect for covering large areas in a short space of time. Fogging is an advanced method we use for eliminating insects in closed and open spaces. Through fogging, we use an effective pesticide and a powerful blower to totally eradicate certain types of pests in any closed place, open land or greenhouse. ULV fogging is a drastically fast and effective solution for controlling pests and birds with many benefits especially for vast areas of land. The cold or ULV fogging technique is also effective for medical institutions as well as soils