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First Target uses the latest equipment required to eliminate pests of all types, with experts who determine the most suitable method of elimination that is based precisely on each case.

General Pest control
We provide a superb control and elimination of common pests such as but not limited to mice, rats, mosquitos, cockroaches, moths, bed bugs, wasps, ants, spiders and flies. Fogging is a highly effective treatment for flies, fleas and other insects. As the name suggests, fogging machines are used to create a fog which is perfect for covering large areas in a short space of time. Fogging is an advanced method we use for eliminating insects in closed and open spaces. Through fogging, we use an effective pesticide and a powerful blower to totally eradicate certain types of pests in any closed place, open land or greenhouse. ULV fogging is a drastically fast and effective solution for controlling pests and birds with many benefits especially for vast areas of land. The cold or ULV fogging technique is also effective for medical institutions as well as soils.
Warehouses and commercial
Warehouses are among the places where pest control is challenging. Their large areas and the presence of goods make it harder to prevent pests from entering, and makes it a challenge to eliminate pests without damaging anything and in short timeframes to avoid huge losses. At First Target, we have dedicated teams focused on controlling pests at warehouses and other commercial facilities efficiently and through tight timeframes. Our expertise extends to controlling and exterminating ants, rodents, flies, wasps, termites, cockroaches and other pests from warehouses and commercial facilities.
Fumigation is a highly effective method of controlling infestations. It is typically used in areas where the infestation is in particular items where chemical application is not suitable. Fumigation ensures that the pests are eliminated without damaging any material. Some examples of pests targeted by fumigation are pantry pests, termites, bed bugs, rodents, spiders, wood boring beetles and more. It is one of the most effective and powerful pest control methods we utilize. Fumigation doesn't just eliminate various types of harmful pests in buildings and soils, but also affects pests living in physical structures like wood borers and dry wood termites
Residual spraying
Residual spraying ensures pests through building structures or landscape are killed or repelled with a range of chemical products. Cockroaches, common ant types and rodents that live through unreachable cracks and holes can be safely and effectively eliminated through this method.
Hotels and Hospitality
Pest control in hotels and other hospitality industry entities needs a special approach due to the public and sensitive nature of these places. Bed bugs and other threats can cause major losses to hotels and solving such pest problems is a necessity. Apart from our result driven approach to eliminate harmful pests, we always employ the best possible practices.
Pre Construction
Termites are some of the most irritating pests that famously show on construction sites and can even show in buildings if not effectively eliminated. First Target has the experience and tools for controlling termites at pre construction sites to solve the problem from its roots and avoiding any termite attacks through the soils effectively.
Many types of pests including cockroaches, ants, spiders, wasps and rodents carry various diseases that threaten health. Some of them can also cause damage to structures, products and properties causing avoidable losses. Our approach to pest elimination in residential places starts with a detailed inspection of the case, then planning and execution of the best method of pest control which can also be a non-chemical treatment as a start.
Shopping Malls and Retail
Reputation and image for commercial stores and shopping malls are essential and valuable assets. Various types of pests can threaten that in addition to causing serious damage. First Target has the appropriate expertise and tools to control pests at display and storage areas effectively, timely and without any harmful effects on anyone or anything. First of all, we inspect the case precisely to choose the most suitable approach amongst many advanced options.
Offices and corporate facilities
The harms of pests on corporations and office buildings vary from causing damage to equipment, papers or furniture to causing distress and unprofessional look for the company. First Target offers the suitable monitoring and control of various types of pests that can hide in different places of administrative buildings including abandoned rooms, cupboards, toilets and others. Though detailed inspection and expert approach, pest control at offices can be achieved in a timely and efficient manner
Garden Pest Control
Garden pest control, as the name suggests is the control and elimination of pests found in gardens and green spaces. Our Garden pest control techniques include the environmentally responsible use of specialised insecticides as well as electronic fly control units. It is the expert evaluation of the infestation problem that is most important in achieving satisfying, efficient and economical outcomes.
Hospitals and healthcare facilities
First Target's experts work through specifically tailored approaches for eliminating pests in healthcare facilities and hospitals whilst paying special attention to the health and safety of patients, employees, residents and guests. Hospitals, clinics, hospices, assisted living facilities, medical centers, pharmaceutical institutions and other medical related facilities require a sensitive approach that our professionals are very well trained for.
Manufacturing and foods/storage
First Target owns a team of experts specializing in dealing with pests in manufacturing and food facilities. Our teams are highly focused on precision with special care for our customers property, goods and products in mind. Bugs, flies, ants, termites, rodents, cockroaches and other pests can be available through these types of facilities and can be eliminated with special pest control solutions for long and short terms.
Grass Rejuvenation
We diagnose unhealthy grass spaces and put effective plans to make them healthy and vital again. Through the process, multiple methods are utilized including aeration, applying fertilizers and insecticides, installations and repairs in addition to seeding.
Power Spraying
Power spraying is a fast, safe and effective method for pest control that covers large areas quickly eliminating cockroaches, ants, rodents, spiders and many other pests. This method can help in preventing insects from entering buildings at specific seasons.
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